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Know Your Comps Quiz

Knowing your competition is critical to succeeding in any field–and publishing is no diffferent. Yet to their peril, many writers do not do their homework when it comes to comps. Test your knowledge of how comps work, and...

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Who is your literary mentor?

For a career author, ignoring the giants of the literary pantheon is done at your peril. Nevertheless, for giggles, what follows is an extremely *not* scientific quiz to identify your writing...

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Cover art for Jessica Strawser's "The Last Caretaker" featuringf white lettering across a densely layered bed of yellow flowers with brown centers.

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Cover art for Paula Munier's HOME AT NIGHT: A MERCY CARR MYSTERY. Includes a large house in the distance, shrouded in fog with windows glowing, a dark tree silhouette in the foreground, and a malinoise dog and newfoundland retriever dog in the foreground.