Career Authors 11: Lis Wiehl

If Lis Wiehl were fictional, she’d be a pretty fabulous main character.  Harvard Law School graduate, a sought-after legal analyst for network TV, former federal prosecutor, acclaimed thriller writer, legal non-fiction writer, law school professor, and creator of her own genre: legal-historical-psychological-true crime. She answered our Career Authors 11, but maybe there should be a question 12: How does she do it?

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“What If…?” The Question That Launched a Thousand Writing Careers

“What if…” the two little words that every author should have in their toolbox. These two words have the power to instantly jump-start people’s imagination, and when I say people, I mean literary agents, editors, film producers, and readers! So, if you’re not using “what if…” when you brainstorm, plot, and pitch your work, then you should start. Here are some tips:

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There’s no school for writing commercial fiction. But you can take advantage of the countless opportunities to improve both as a writer and as an author. Here are some strategies that have worked for me, my clients, my students, and my colleagues.

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