In this celebratory time of year, even writers must stop grumbling and muster up some real or feigned appreciation for all they have—not always easy to express after a meal designed to test the very limits of your digestive system.  

So, you book scribes out there, anxiously searching your souls for reasons to be grateful, may instead nod off on the couch while watching the game, for I have amassed here a list of things for which you should thank your lucky stars. (You’re welcome.)

Be humble and give thanks for:

  1. The retirement of book critic Michiko Kakutani
  2. Caffeine
  3. Friends and relatives who buy your book on Amazon and submit 5-star reviews before they’ve read it
  4. That motivation that gets you to sit your butt down and write your book
  5. Chairs with adequate back support
  6. Valiant fighters against book banning
  7. The ability to escape grim reality by writing
  8. High speed wifi
  9. Cuddly animals who understand you better than certain people
  10. Audiobook readers who do justice to the book
  11. Teachers who teach kids to read
  12. Constructive criticism
  13. Open bars
  14. Your writer conference buddy
  15. Spellcheck [Hypocrisy alert: I often curse it]
  16. Em dashes
  17. Federal judges who rule against corporate monopolies
  18. Hershey Almond bars with dark chocolate
  19. People who argue about the Oxford comma
  20. A wild and rollicking existence, lived in the past
  21. Starbucks with bathrooms that don’t need codes
  22. Zoom events at The Writers Backroom
  23. Family relations who—for better or worse—inspire your most vivid characters
  24. Readers who share your passion
  25. The perseverance that leads you to finally type “The End.”

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