What song reflects your writing style?

What song reflects your writing style? Is it jazz or hip-hop? Sultry R&B or symphony? Emo or metal?

And what does it reveal about how you approach your craft?

Find out in 90 seconds with Career Authors’ latest quiz.

C’mon. You know you want to. It’s only 12 questions. All the cool kids are doing it.

What song reflects your writing style?

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The state of your desk

1. Not one molecule out of place. And don’t touch my tape dispenser!
2. As soon as I dig through all this clutter I’ll tell you.
3. A desk? How pedestrian. I dictate my novels from my sensory deprivation tank.
4. Ask the rest of the folks at this coffee shop’s community table.
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Plotter or panster

1. Scene by scene. Beat by beat. 80% outline and then, well, 80% again to write it.
2. If I just keep typing long enough, I know “THE END” will show up here somewhere.
3. Does it count if I outline the plot after pantsing the whole thing?
4. I write the same way nobody eats a whole pizza: from the middle working out.
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Sentence length

1. Short.
2. As long as they need to be.
3. Ellipses count as sentence dividers…right…?
4. The art of the sentence can’t be constrained by mere a number—why, just imagine had James Joyce or Virgina Woolf been shackled with superficial (and, dare I say, impudent) rules of construction when, in the midst of their artistic expression—
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1. The mean streets.
2. The cute meets.
3. The posh suites.
4. The satin sheets.
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1. Rayguns phasing.
2. Guns-a-blazing.
3. Lovers gazing.
4. Magical phrasing.
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1. Dreamy
2. Screamy
3. Steamy
4. Scheme-y
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Accessories (for you or your characters)

1. One moment while I adjust my cravat.
2. Peep these krunk grillz, my homeboys.
3. Jimmy Choo. Done.
4. Who knew gas masks came in so many sizes?
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1. #OwnVoices
2. #NaNoWriMo
3. #IndiePub
4. #AmWriting
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1. Who has time for all that nonsense when there are so many more stories to tell?
2. At last: the delightful chance to polish that draft to the glory it deserves.
3. I click “Accept all changes” from my editor’s notes. You’re saying there’s more to it than that?
4. Like Hemingway, I write drunk and edit sober. Which means I revise hung over. Which means I resent it.
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1. Can’t slow down for that. I got ‘splosions to write.
2. He loves me. He loves me not.
3. Let me hang this rifle here on the wall and I’ll get back to you in Act III.
4. Go ahead. Look under the bed. I dare you.
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A world gone ...

1. Mad
2. Sad
3. Bad
4. Plaid
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3x + 5y = z

1. Is this in a Cartesian or Euclidian numbering system?
2. I was told there would be no math.
3. That’s exactly the formula the Masons used to hide their billions.
4. I prefer to think of equations as the colors of my soul. This one’s citrine.

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What song reflects your writing style?

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