People who know and love Hank Phillippi Ryan also appreciate she’s as honest and trustworthy as the day is long. So it makes perfect sense she’d write a novel called Trust Me. After all, Hank has won praise and awards throughout her writing career. Booklist gives Hank Phillippi Ryan’s new standalone novel a starred review, calling Trust Mea knock-out” and “first-rate psychological suspense.” While regularly compared to bestselling writer Ruth Ware, among others, Hank is a brand all her own; when it comes to delivering suspense, she’s utterly trustworthy.

Did I say that? Rewind. Delete. After reading Trust Me, I take it all back. Hank isn’t a bit trustworthy. With this book’s incredibly ambitious and devious plot, she doles out shocking surprise after unexpected revelation on page after page. I can’t trust anyone.

This enthralling novel mirrors reality, and it turns out reality is dark and scary. Sad, funny, observant, Mercer Hennessy is a complex, fascinating narrator. Like the reader, Mercer is searching for answers about a young girl’s murder, as well as about her own troubled past. At one point, Mercer brilliantly observes, “We think we know the script and the role we play, and have some inkling of how the story will evolve. But everyone else sees our lives from a different point of view.”

Trust Me is a tricky-as-hell tour de force, courtesy of an artfully sly writer.

Reading this novel jangled my nerves. I wasn’t sure who to believe. All I knew is that I had to get to the truth somehow. Not knowing how a book will end until you get to its last page makes for a downright untrustworthy author—like Hank! You don’t know what she’s about to pull out of her literary bag of tricks. I will not trust Hank Phillippi Ryan again…at least until her next book comes out.

Read her novel. Trust me: you’ll love it.