by Brian Andrews

You buy a book you’re excited about, dive in, and fifty pages later you find yourself losing interest and put the book aside. Why does this happen? The reason is usually that the novel’s protagonist is boring, one-dimensional, and uninspiring. In a nutshell, you stopped reading because the protagonist wasn’t a hero worth caring about.

How does an author avoid this pitfall and create a truly epic hero?  The answer is surprisingly ironic—heroes must be heroic. But what separates compelling heroes from insipid ones you ask? To help answer this question, we at Career Authors proudly present our first installment in a new series of infographics…The Hero Checklist: Character Engineering for Writers.

A good infographic hits all the right buttons: Bite-sized, chunks of info in a concise and tidy package. So please download it, screenshot it, and share it as you see fit.

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