by Hank Phillippi Ryan

Big news below!

But first. It’s something that writers often forget. We look to the future, and imagine the day our book is represented by an agent, or bought by an editor, or goes on sale, or makes a bestseller list.  And as you can see by that progression, for many of us, success only becomes the next step in a continuing journey of hurdles and goals.

Once it’s accomplished and behind you, somehow what you hoped for and wished for seems less desirable. We tend to forget we succeeded, toss it aside,  and simply go on to the next desire.

But listen! It’s necessary, writers, that you celebrate along the way.

(Yes, even now, even with everything outside your writing space as tragically scary as it can be.)

Everything you do, everything you accomplish, is cause for celebration. Whether it’s having a good idea, or actually writing that page, or making your word count. When you send out your queries, applaud yourself putting yourself out there! When you get a rejection, pat yourself on the back–you’re a real writer. When you get representation, actually drink the champagne your friends send you.

When you tackle your revisions and succeed! That is a cause for celebration. When you send in your final draft, wow, yes. Celebrate.

But also when you find just the right word. Or discover your theme. Or when a character comes to life. Or ever find that last pesky typo. Take those moments to be happy. So much of writing is difficult. Those celebrations will become your fuel to continue.

We here at Career Authors have much to celebrate! And that’s what today’s for.

My new book–my twelfth thriller–released tomorrow! And I am overjoyed and freaking out. (Gotta be honest here.) THE FIRST TO LIE got a starred review from Publishers Weekly, which calls it “stellar.” But let me say–there were days, writing this book, when I thought: this will never work. And now, yay. I did it. Am I still worrying about what happens next? Yes, indeed. But I am also celebrating.

Jessica Strawser is celebrating the first-ever mass market paperback release–a hot off the press edition of her 2017 debut novel, ALMOST MISSED YOU. From 2017! It’s proof that even an old book can have new firsts–and new things to celebrate.

Paula Munier persevered through the pandemic–and turned in the ms. for THE HIDING PLACE her third mystery in her K9 rescue series.  And then she had a major-league celebration–she and her family adopted a rescue dog, a Malinois named Blondie. Blondie is just like a certain fictional Malinois named Elvis, one the K9 stars of her Mercy & Elvis series. (Paula really knows how to celebrate.)

Dana Isaacson, editor extraordinaire, accompanies so many authors on their journeys, taking the clay-with-potential novels (like mine) and guiding authors to discover the stories they meant to write. He says “As an editor, I celebrate the fact that I get to work and mind-meld with so many diverse, creative people.”

And the incredibly prolific Brian Andrews says “I’m celebrating having a successful co-author partnership that keeps me writing, energized, and motivated during these challenging times. Jeff Wilson and I are currently penning our twelfth novel together.”

And whoo hoo! All of us at Career Authors are celebrating, too! We were just named to the Writers Digest Top 101 Websites! And in the Best Writing Advice category, we’re number 2! Number 2! Yay. We’ve been offering advice for just about two years now, and we are thrilled. And when we started back then, we were so excited about the practical news-you-can use features and guidance and advice we’d be offering–and hoped you’d be hooked to learn everything from the been-there doing-that experts: on craft, publishing, marketing and writing life. And yay, you did! (And do check out the other sites listed. Terrific. Thank you, Writers Digest!)

Pretty nice, huh? What a ridiculous year–but we persevere. And we celebrate–all of you!  Sign up for our newsletter here to make sure you don’t miss anything.

So Career Authors, what have you accomplished recently? Did you do you words for the day? Did you write when you didn’t want to? Did you finish a page, a chapter, a poem, a short story, a project? Tell us about it on the Career Authors Facebook page.  And then, get writing!