We serve writers whose aim is to make money selling books. That includes us.

We write here to save you time, keep you on track, and get you closer to the career you imagine.

And inspire you.

We’re in this with you from start to finish, hands-on and fully committed. We write about craft and publishing and marketing because we’re immersed in these topics every day, and this is our way of helping the industry thrive—one author at a time.

But we’re not your parents: We won’t scold or dictate. What we will do is cheer your success as we all get closer to our goals together.

We’ll offer practical guides to writing, promotion, business, and process. Tips, secrets, ideas, structures, guidelines, information. Questions you’ve wondered about. Solutions you’ve searched for. The inside scoop. News you can use. If you want to chat with us about it all—come visit our Facebook page. We’re there for you, too.

We also know that even though we may have been here before, we are all still learning every day. And one thing we’ve learned is that there are no magic bullets, no universal shortcuts to writing and selling your book. Every writer needs something different.

Except this one thing is true for everyone:

Writing is hard work.

Which means that we respect your time, knowing that you’re mostly busy writing. So are we. It’s one of the reasons you won’t find us here on weekends. We’re writing or recharging. (We will leave you some weekend food for thought, though. So stop by.)

And one last thing. We’re not going anywhere. You’ll find us here week after week, helping each other become what we were born to be: career authors.