Infographic titled "5 Ways to Frame Your Story" created by Career Authors. The infographic provides five different ways to frame a story, each with examples and illustrations.
"X Meets Y" - Examples: "Castaway meets Mars = The Martian" and "Emma meets Beverly Hills High = Clueless". Illustration of a heart and a star.
"The Only Trouble Is..." - Example: "Boy meets girl of his dreams, only trouble is, she's a fish = Splash". Illustration of a fish.
"A Modern Retelling Of..." - Example: "Demon Copperhead is a modern retelling of David Copperfield". Illustration of a book.
"Inspired By A True Story" - Example: "The Nickel Boys is a novel based on the infamous Dozier School for Boys in Florida". Illustration of a book.
"Informed By...Moi" - Example: "Michael Connelly's Bosch series is informed by his experience covering the crime beat in Los Angeles". Illustration of a person with glasses and a tie.
The infographic uses a mix of text and simple illustrations to convey these five different story framing techniques. At the bottom, it states 'Copyright 2024 Paula Munier'.