by Rachel Hanna

There is no question that being an author today can be extremely competitive. So many books are available to readers at any time of the day or night, so how do you get yours seen? How do you create an army of fans that buy everything you write and tell their friends about your books? The answer is building your own army of superfine. That can seem daunting, especially for creatives who are often more interested in storytelling than marketing, but marketing is important for any author who wants to stand the test of time in this business.

Here are five key strategies for authors to remember when it comes to building an engaged audience of superfans who will buy their books every time they hit publish.


1. Engage authentically on social media

It’s so important to be the face of your social media. Readers really want to interact with authors in a way that they feel like they’re talking to a real person. They want to interact with you on a human-to-human level and get to know you more personally.

Remember that you are a “celebrity” to your readers even if you don’t sell as many books as you think you should. To them, it’s very exciting when you respond to social media comments or emails because they feel like they’re hearing from someone famous.

When interacting on social media, share real glimpses of your life, your writing process, and your hobbies or interests beyond your books. This builds a deeper trust and connection with your readers.

You also want to interact with them regularly, respond to comments, participate in discussions, and always show gratitude and appreciation for their support. When you make your readers feel valued and seen, they will come back and read your books time and time again.


2. Create exclusive content just for your readers

This can include things like behind-the-scenes access or sneak peeks into your writing process. You can talk to them about how you develop your characters or let them in on upcoming projects, do book cover reveals, and write bonus scenes. Anything that makes your readers feel like they are insiders will endear them to you and make them into superfans.

You can create exclusive content such as bonus chapters, deleted scenes, short stories, or even special editions of your books. Give the superfans something that is unique that they can cherish.


3. Build a strong email list

This is very important in this day of social media. Remember that you don’t own your readers when they come through the big websites or when they are on social media. You need to get their email to build your own list that you can control and own for yourself.

Make sure to send regular newsletters and be consistent and engaging. Give them updates on your books, of course, but also personal stories and special offers if you can.

Consistency is very important here. Many authors think that they’re going to annoy readers by emailing too much, and while it’s possible to overdo it, most of the time, readers are excited to hear from you as long as you’re writing engaging emails and not just sales pitches.

Readers want to hear from you! Otherwise, they wouldn’t have signed up for your list in the first place. You can also offer incentives to get people to sign up for your mailing list, such as a short story or early access to new releases as a reward.


4. Host interactive events

This can be anything from a virtual book club to a live Q&A session. You can organize book clubs about your own books. You can create Q&A sessions where readers can discuss your books and ask questions. Again, this fosters a sense of community, which is extremely important when you want to build a base of superfans.

You can also do in-person book signings and events at local bookstores or libraries. Readers will come from long distances for meet and greets, and meeting you in person will be a memorable experience for your fans.


5. Foster a reader community

Create your own online group. This can be a Facebook group, a Discord server, or a forum where readers can connect with each other. I personally recommend a Facebook group as it’s the easiest thing to do, and most readers are on Facebook.

You can start discussions, do polls, and give inside information like cover reveals and teasers for upcoming books. You can also do giveaways where you mail out signed books or give online gift cards.

Your reader group will start out with no one in it, and that can be a bit defeating, but if you just keep marketing it and consistently post inside your group, it will grow. Remember, everybody’s group starts at zero. Be sure to celebrate your fans inside your group with heartwarming messages and let them know how appreciated they are.


These are just five strategies to start building a base of superfans. It takes time and consistency; the most important part is writing books they love. If you write books that readers enjoy and feel emotionally connected to, they will much more easily become superfans.


Rachel Hanna is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author and lifelong resident of north Georgia. She writes women’s fiction, clean contemporary small-town romance, and stories about Southerners. Her quirky characters and emotional storylines are a favorite of readers. She’s been married for over twenty-five years and has three kids, all of whom are technically adults but still need money sometimes. In addition, she has two rescue doggies and feeds all the animals that come close enough to her house.