The program is set for what is quickly becoming one of our favorite weekends of the year: The Career Authors Writer’s Retreat at MIT’s Endicott House, outside of Boston, May 5-7, 2023. And we hope it will become your favorite too. Because simply put, this retreat is what happens when you take a team that is very active in the writing and publishing communities, online and off, and allow them to establish their dream event:

One that marries the quality instruction you’d expect from a top-tier conference with individualized attention to your work—in a lovely setting that invites you to truly focus, connect, and grow for three unparalleled days.

The positive energy at the Career Authors retreat makes a few things obvious from the outset:

  1. We really like and respect each other (where else do you see faculty furiously scribbling notes in one another’s sessions?), and there’s never a dull moment on our panels (or during coffee breaks!).
  2. We genuinely care about you—so much so that we’ve built Career Authors as a labor of love for writers at all stages in their careers who need a boost. (Though extras like the retreat require paid registration, the site and our monthly newsletter are always free.)
  3. We know a weekend away with your writing—and the gorgeous amenities offered by MIT’s historic Endicott House—is an investment, and we intend to help you make the most of it.

“As writers we know. time and focus are arguably our most valuable assets,” Brian Andrews points out. “We only have so much bandwidth, so devoting time to a retreat means giving up something else. But consider this opportunity as an exercise in efficiency. With this program, you’re trading hundreds of hours of DIY research online for a curated program where the answers are delivered directly to you.”

As our Emmy-winning emcee Hank Phillippi Ryan is fond of telling attendees when she greets them: An event like this can change your writing life. We’ve all seen firsthand that it’s true.

We’ll present from the podium, sure, with instructional sessions on elevating your craft (think structure, the world of your story, and voice/POV), submission strategy, and more. We’ll also workshop your first pages, help you practice your pitch, even brainstorm new titles if yours needs a little help. (After decades on the gatekeeper’s side of big publishing, Dana Isaacson emphasizes that the chance to interact face to face is where the CA retreat really shines.) We’ll sit with you—not apart—during meals and cocktails.

And yes, Paula Munier is probably going to ask to see pictures of your pets. As both an agent and an award-winning author, she holds our team record for the most time spent at conferences, and knows how to set you right at home. “Our retreat offers a unique combination of personal attention, professional know-how, and insider secrets, offered up at a spectacularly beautiful place with really, really good food.”

But it’s not just about connecting with us. It’s about connecting with each other. Last year, we had attendees offer impromptu yoga classes, crochet bookmarks for everyone, and of course match up as new critique partners and friends. Who knows what this year’s mix will bring? (In fact: Here are our ten top takeaways from last year’s event, plus photos of all the action.)

Sound too good to pass up? We agree! Find the full 2023 schedule here and register to secure your spot now. With such a low faculty-to-attendee ratio, space is limited.

We can’t wait to see you there.