by Career Authors

If you’ve been struggling to get your book published, you might have noticed that the publishing industry is full of gatekeepers and hidden pitfalls. To get your manuscript in front of an acquisition board, you must clear what seems like a never ending series of hurdles. As industry professionals, we can tell you with certainty that the winnowing process is by design.

Agents and acquiring editors are being inundated with more submissions than ever before, and to make the cut you need a competitive edge. They simply don’t have the bandwidth to consider, let alone read, every submission. To get noticed in today’s market you need an inside track.

That’s where Career Authors comes in! We’ve teamed up with MIT Endicott House to bring you a two-day intensive writer’s workshop designed to help you “jump to the head of the line” in your quest for publication.

Is it worth my time?

That’s the right question to ask, because as writers our time and focus are arguably our most valuable assets. We only have so much bandwidth, so devoting time to a retreat means giving up something else. But consider this opportunity as an exercise in efficiency.

With this program, you’re trading hundreds of hours of DIY research online for a curated program where the answers are delivered directly to you by vetted and accomplished insiders. Most of the time, aspiring writer’s don’t even know the right questions to ask. That’s where we come in. — Brian Andrews

What does this retreat provide that similar conferences do not?

Our retreat offers a unique combination of personal attention, professional know-how, and insider secrets, offered up at a spectacularly beautiful place with really, really good food.  — Paula Munier
Agents and acquiring editors are being inundated with more submissions than ever before, and to make the cut you need a competitive edge.
Publishing remains such a mystery to outsiders. At this conference, writers will get the chance to interact face-to-face with subject matter experts who can offer career guidance that one simply cannot get from any other forum. — Dana Isaacson

Is it worth the expense?

The answer is different for everyone. But the question is the same: how much would you pay to change your writing  life? How much would you pay to get one on one consultations with editors, an agent and successful authors?  How much would you pay to get noticed in this crazy world of publishing?  Sure, you can stay home and try to do it yourself. Has that worked for you so far? Or will you have the confidence and the passion to invest in your own career. That’s what this weekend is all about. — Hank Phillippi Ryan

What’s the value proposition?

Consider this an investment in your writing life. This isn’t some sterile conference in some cookie-cutter hotel; it’s an intimate weekend with serious peers, where you’ll work hard and then reward yourself for your commitment and courage by enjoying all Endicott House has to offer. The faculty to attendee ratio is uncommonly small, and we offer plenty of opportunities to get your specific questions answered, plus input on your pitch and first manuscript pages. — Jessica Strawser

When and where…

After last year’s incredibly successful virtual workshop, this year we’re having the conference in person, May 13-15th at the elegant MIT Endicott House. Located just outside of Boston, the secluded property is set on 25 acres in the historic town of Dedham. The stunning French Manor-style mansion features breathtaking vistas of the Blue Hills, alongside beautifully preserved and maintained gardens. Known for its gourmet cuisine, attentive staff, and intellectual ambience Endicott House is the perfect venue for a writer’s retreat. You can stay on property with us or book at your preferred hotel brand nearby. In addition to hosting the sessions and panel discussions, Endicott will be serving wonderful breakfasts, lunches, cocktail hours, and dinners where   instructors and students can mingle, discuss the craft & business of writing, and get to know each other.

This year’s event will focus on:

  • Honing your opening page
  • Pitching your book
  • Strengthening your plot
  • Creating unique & memorable characters
  • Editing & polishing your prose
  • Answering “inside-the-industry” questions


Tuition includes all the classroom sessions, panel discussions, pitch evaluations, and page critiques—plus most meals, non-alcoholic beverages (though wine is available!), and endless snacks.


Space is limited because our goal is to offer as much face-to-face time and individual attention as possible. So sign up today and join us for the creative experience of a lifetime. We promise guidance, instruction, and inspiration! The career author in you will thank you for it!