This week, we’re talking about the power of brevity. Today’s challenge: Try writing a drabble—a story of exactly 100 words. Ideas are blooming all around you!
Here are 10 prompts for drabbles inspired by spring.
  1. Write about something saved for a rainy day.
  2. Tell a story of new growth.
  3. Write about what is perennial in your life.
  4. Rain on a parade.
  5. Write about cross-pollination.
  6. Capture the joy of a day off on account of good weather.
  7. Write about pulling out the weeds crowding out your garden.
  8. Sympathize with an invasive species.
  9. Plant a seed for something entirely new.
  10. Let the sun shine in.

Choose your words carefully! Would you like to share your drabble, or what you’ve learned from writing one? Visit Career Authors on Facebook to join our discussion.