Many aren’t familiar with the Dadaism movement because it strayed so far from conventional art and what was considered “the norm” that it died out rather quickly. In fact, Dada artists and writers are some of the most influential and spontaneous of any other movement, and there’s much we can learn from their intellectual wit. Dadaism was the first conceptual art movement where the focus was not on crafting aesthetically pleasing art, but on creating things that challenged traditional art, the role of the artists, and societal issues.

In literature, this came in the form of many unique poems and whimsical, wit-infused writings. Some characteristics of Dadaism’s most profound characteristics include humor, whimsy, artistic freedom, emotional reaction, irrationalism, and spontaneity.

Invaluable created a fun, educational infographic that details some of the elements of Dada literature, and it includes writing prompts to help master each. At Invaluable, you can read even more about Dada literary principles.

Check it out below, and use it as inspiration for your next whimsical piece!