Maybe you’re falling behind your daily word counts, or starting to get a little lost in your plot. Maybe you’re right on track, but running out of fresh ideas to stay that way. Maybe your family is starting to miss you, or you’re starting to miss sunlight, or you’ve forgotten why this seemed like a good idea back on Nov. 1. Or maybe…

You’re feeling like a superhero. A rock star. A legend in the making. Because you know what? No matter how it’s going, you should be! Writing a novel in a month is a herculean task.

If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of writers tackling this year’s NaNoWriMo challenge, congrats on making it this far! Here’s a roundup of helpful links for your home stretch.

My 5 Top Tips for NaNoWriMo Success

Hint: It’s okay to skip ahead to the next thing you know! And other helpful advice.

Agent & Novelist Paula Munier Adds 6 Tips of Her Own

Feeling stuck? Try making a scene list for the rest of your story—starting with obligatory scenes for your genre, then filling in the blanks. Feeling strapped for time? She’s giving you permission to order carryout. These and more goodies in one handy place.

Secrets to Manage the Middle of Your Novel

Change. Decisions. Reversals, Challenges. Obstacles. Surprises. Our award-winning suspense master Hank Phillippi Ryan is full of ideas to keep things interesting.

Still need help? Try:

What Should Be in a Book’s Act Two

Once Act Two is good to go, we’ll help you give act three all you’ve got:

What Should Be in Act Three

No time to read a whole article? You just want advice at a glance? Look no further than our:

Career Authors Infographic Library

For grab-and-go advice on heroes, villains, supporting characters and more.

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