Looking to treat that a special writer friend or critique partner on your gift list this year? Or wondering what should be on your own holiday wish list?

Choosing creative, worthwhile gifts for writers isn’t always easy, but we’ve got you covered! Try these ideas of what to give and/or to hint you’d like to get, for every type of writer on your list.

For the Serious Writer

For careful, smart, digestible analysis of industry trends as they unfold (What is the pandemic doing to book sales? What’s the ripple effect when one big publisher acquires another?), you won’t find a better resource than The Hot Sheet, edited by publishing insider Jane Friedman. Arrives via email every other Wednesday; $59/year; try your first two issues for free.

For the Newly Published Writer

You won’t find a more touching gift than one you can create yourself: Clip her article or order a good-quality print of his book cover, and have it matted and framed for the wall. (We writers are modest! You’ll have to do this for us, but we’ll love you for it.) There’s no better way to show your support.

For the Marketing Writer

About to be promoting a new release? Joining an author coop where you’ll need to contribute your share of graphics? A Canva Pro subscription makes every writer’s self-promotional life simpler and faster: a holiday wish come true. Bonus: The current special running is to Pay for 1, Get 4 Free, so your whole writing group could treat each other. $12.95/month works out to $2.59/person/month under this promotion.

For the New Writer

You don’t already have to be a career author for the Career Authors e-newsletter to be a no-brainer: It’s value-packed with craft, business, and inspirational articles, it comes only once a month, and it’s free!

For a companion in print, your best bet: A year of Writer’s Digest in your mailbox. Yes, as WD Editor-at-Large, I’m biased here too, but I’ve spent years of my career with WD magazine for good reason: I believe so strongly in its mission, its quality, and its content. A subscription is an affordable gift that keeps giving every time a new issue arrives: $19.96/year, or $29.96/two years.

For Any Writer

There’s so much gorgeous literary swag available, we won’t single out any one product. (Out of Print is one great such shop.) But we will encourage you to think outside the box. Is your writer pal setting a book somewhere picturesque? How about a photo, piece of artwork, or keepsake relating to the setting of their story-in-progress?

On the wall above my writing desk, I’ve framed a print of the Blue Ridge Mountains that I picked up in a gallery on my research trip to Brevard, North Carolina, where part of my novel A Million Reasons Why (coming in March 2021) is set. It’s inspiring, meaningful, and will always be one of my favorite things in my writing room.

For the Writer Parent

Go Ask Your DadOver the summer, I posted a silly picture of myself hard at work on my novel draft, kids underfoot, wearing a custom-made Go Ask Your Dad T-shirt from a friend’s homespun shop… and it remains one of my most popular posts of all of 2020. In a year of remote schooling and working from home, why not have a little fun with it all? (Available in all colors and styles, and yes, her shop also stocks Go Ask Your Mom—although I cannot condone that particular message in any way.)

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