Author: Hank Phillippi Ryan

Honing Your Author Voice

Voice is one of the first things we connect to when we open a book. It’s very often what draws a reader into a story. Bestselling author Heather Webb says
honing your author voice can be a moving target, and she explores how to bring it to its fullest potential.

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SO. Very. Cold.

It’s about to be cold. Really really cold. Does your character care? Are they prepared? What will happen when they realize they are alone, and in danger is they even go outside?  Write a scene where your character is unexpectedly, life-changingly cold.  (What does that reveal to you?)

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Book cover for "The Next Thing You Know" by Jessica Strawser featuring two people sihouetted against a sunrise and sunset on opposite halves of the cover


Cover art for Paula Munier's HOME AT NIGHT: A MERCY CARR MYSTERY. Includes a large house in the distance, shrouded in fog with windows glowing, a dark tree silhouette in the foreground, and a malinoise dog and newfoundland retriever dog in the foreground.